Our Quest

What does it mean to be a man?

Since the beginning of time man has sought for meaning beyond what he can see. The world is full of males but not men, full of promises but little reward. The search for authentic manhood is what every man truly hungers for.  Many men have pursued the things of the world (women, cars, clothes, etc.), only to be left empty.

The question of purpose and the desire for adventure lies within every man’s soul; however the answers to these questions have not been readily available until now.

Our Mission:

“500 Strong is a men’s fraternity built of men who have committed to find authentic manhood and the meaning of life. This organization is built on teaching, training, equipping men with the core values that make a male a man”

About Us

The 500Strong men’s fraternity is a Christ based organization created to train men to be what God called him to be. The result of our training will empower you to deal with issues such as marriage, family, finances and careers. We have created an environment specifically designed for men to discuss life’s unspoken challenges.

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